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True Blood is Sticking Around

Back in the Sopranos days, True Blood would have been a joke, but times have gotten hard and desperate for HBO since then. Besides Albrecht’s departure and a long series of bad choices in programming, from John From Cincinnati to Lucky Louie, True Blood was HBO’s big gamble, bring back Alan Ball and hope he can work the Six Feet Under magic well enough to keep HBO relevant and back it by a huge viral campaign. It worked somewhat, well enough to give True Blood a second season, though the ratings are not all that spectacular and the show really doesn’t work for me, coming off like a bad cross between Buffy, American Gothic and the never aired Babylon Fields, in fact in some ways it’s basically a vampire soap overlaid on Babylon Fields, a connection more people would be picking up on if they had actually watched the bracing Babylon Fields pilot. Still I can’t complain about F/SF programming getting a prestigious home on HBO, and HBO has calculatingly aimed this at picking up a younger demographic, swapping out the olds who were tuning in to the Sopranos for a younger generation brought in by a viral campaign. Will that really work? Who knows.

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