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Trouble in eBay Town

In a tough economy you would expect eBay to be thriving, especially with states getting ready to sock it to online shoppers with nationwide enforcement on use tax or sales tax collection. Not so much. eBay’s auction business is actually in decline, perhaps in part because eBay has spent too much time squeezing its sellers too hard, and now like Amazon is discovering that its sellers have more options than they thought. With Skype on the table as a potential sale, eBay seems prepping to strip itself to the bone to make up for its cash shortages. And at a time when the economy should be favoring it, eBay is actually limping. Which suggests that Meg Whitman’s plan to run for Governor of California may actually be an exit strategy from a shaky company on her own terms, though since her plan is to take the top job at another sinking company, the State of California, it may not be that great of an exit strategy.

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