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Trojans Meet the Mac

One of Apple’s usual boasts has been security as if it was Apple’s superior operating system and Windows’ inferior code that made it a playground for virus writers and hackers. Well now there’s a rather complicated codec trojan out for the Mac. While the Apple share of the computer market has actually dropped, Mac sales have increased in part thanks to the iPod and all the aggressive branding, even if Steve Jobs had to break down and abandon the integrated monitor computer scheme of the iMac for the eMac. But with the rise of Mac’s popularity and all the hype over Leopard, it was inevitable that some of the botnet controllers would look to expand their control by targeting Macs.

The real reason Mac has been considered secure is that it wasn’t worth bothering with. One reason that’s changing is that Mac users are viewed as higher income types who are more likely to shop online. Also with the Mac transitioning to Intel hardware and Leopard being cross hacked to work on PC’s while Vista runs on Macs, the practical hardware and software differences between the two are dwindling. It isn’t that the PC is becoming more like the Mac, so much that the Mac is becoming like the PC. Basically think of that silly Justin Long commercial and imagine him gaining a hundred pounds, wearing glasses and putting on a business suit, while still pretending hard to be “with it” and you’ve got the modern Mac.

And now Trojan meets the Mac. It was inevitable really.

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