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Top 10 Creepiest Ron Paul Meetup Groups

Everyone knows about Ron Paul by now and if you don’t know who Ron Paul is, you probably have a life. And the main way that Ron Paul supporters meet to organize spamming campaigns and creepy orgies in each other’s padded basements is via Meetup Groups. Now presented here are the Top 10 Creepiest Ron Paul Meetup Groups.

10. Jay Leno Lookalikes for Ron Paul 2008 – Meetup Group

9. Al Ansar Martyrs Brigade for Ron Paul – Go Paul! – Meetup Group

8. Original Cast of “Charles in Charge” for Ron Paul (except Scott Baio) – Meetup Group

7. Saw iV / Ron Paul Alaska Campaign – Meetup Group

6. FEMA was Behind 9/11 for Ron Paul in ’08 – Meetup Group

5. NaziGlueHuffersForRonPaul88 Meetup – Go PAUL!!!!! GO!!! – Meetup Group

4. Convicted Sex Offenders for that Cute Ron Paul guy – Meetup Group

3. Victims of Sharp Blows to the Head for Ron Paul in ’03 – Meetup Group

2. Ron Paul is the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ on Earth – Meetup Group

1. Gitmo Convicts for Ron Paul (We Donated) – Meetup Group

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