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Too Human and The Force Unleashed, the Perils of Overhype

Too Human may have been a more gaming community centered hypefest, while The Force Unleashed was splashed across major magazines such as Vanity Fair and treated as the second coming of Star Wars, but what they both had in common was that they were games with serious flaws that were ridiculously hyped (really, p0wned by Too Human? Vanity Fair shoot for a video game?) and their actual release resulted in a backlash from annoyed gamers and people generally allergic to hype. For a game like Too Human that depended on being embraced by hard core gamers, this proved fatal. For The Force Unleashed, it may mean the difference between selling a few ten thousand copies less, since the Empire of Lucas disdains any actual professional criticism or what fans want or care about. Even Spore wasn’t immune from the backlash, despite the general love for Will Wright and all things Will Wright, except for the 70 Sims expansion packs which we don’t really blame him for, though Spore’s problem was a good game though not all that revolutionary, crippled by bad DRM. The lesson though is that it’s better to underpromise and overdeliver than to overpromise and underdeliver.

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