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Time to Retire Windows Update Forced Restart?

The recent three day Skype outage has highlighted a problem that has generally gone unmentioned except as a nuisance, that of Windows Update forced restart. While most normal applications give you the option of restarting your computer after an installation, Microsoft’s Windows Update is more arrogant as is typical for Microsoft applications and does its best into bullying you into a forced restart. If you refuse, you can expect constant pop ups from Microsoft ordering you to restart like a pesky uncle.

It’s annoying but it can be shut down if you know how. I did. Most don’t. Most never do. And that’s the problem. It wasn’t a real problem when it simply annoyed and inconvenienced users. It became a real problem though when it caused a highly publicized three day Skype outage that generated headlines all across the wire services.

The Skype fallout will hopefully push Microsoft away from the arrogant forced restart of Windows Update and toward enabling users in future initerations to maintain control over their own operating system.

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