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Time for Redmond to Give Up on Vista?

The release of Microsoft Vista SP1 was greeted by a muted collective yawn. Microsoft had been lamely pinning its hopes on Vista Service Pack 1 somehow redeeming the abysmal failure that was Vista. But Vista SP1 only generated more chaos, more concerns about compatibility and more customers who once burned are now twice shy about a service pack for an OS that proved not to live up to its expectations. From Microsoft and Nvidia colluding on phony Vista Capable labels, to Wal-Mart damning Microsoft for its ridiculously complicated flavors of Vista to general customer dissatisfaction with the product, Vista’s road appears to loop right back to ME. For better or worse, Vista is not the new XP. It’s not even the new Windows 98. Windows XP remains the standard and that’s something Microsoft will have to learn to accept or risk losing customers to Linux based systems. Now Microsoft needs to learn from Vista’s failure as it learned from ME’s failure and actually go out there and create the new XP.

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