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Time for On The Lot to close

Also at 8 p.m., Fox’s “On the Lot” continued to struggle, with the reality show averaging 3.1 million viewers and a 1.4/4 in the demo, less than half of the audience from its premiere episode last month

This is pretty much it by now. The show has been slashed down and it’s still sinking. The fat lady has sung. So has the slightly chubby aging director of such great cinematic classics as Amistad, 1941, The Color Purple, Munich, A.I., The Terminal and Wasn’t I A Great Filmmaker Once, People Really Liked Jaws Didn’t They. The entire idea that this show would have a sizable summer audience on FOX was such an absurd case of wishful thinking, it should be studied in college right next to scrapsheets of CBS’s new fall season filled with such exotic characters as vampires, musical spouting gangsters and cubans.

Your average FOX viewer is not interested in movies except insofar they involve women’s body parts, farting, car chases and explosions or all of those at the same time. Had this show been hosted by Michael Bay or better yet McG, we would have actually gotten somewhere. Assuming they dumped most of its format and focused entirely on remaking Bikini Babe Summer 8: The Bikining (I have no idea if this movie exists, but I’m sure it does… somewhere… deep in Bangaldesh) but instead they trotted out a lame talent show with all the self-importance of the Oscars and got whipped.

Close up the lot. Everyone’s goin home.

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