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This is Why I Hate Fox News

Now this video is up on YouTube under the title of “Laura Ingraham pwns Sunsara Taylor”. A more accurate title would be “Laura Ingraham Yells a Lot At Sunsara Taylor for Like 10 Minutes Without Letting Her Speak.” Now I have very little use for Sunsara Taylor, whoever she is, who has no clue how to dress on TV and keeps speaking in PropagandaSpeak and talking about “The Apparatus of the State” which always puts me in mind of that scene from Brazil.

On the other hand the triumphalism of a Laura Ingraham or Bill O’Reilly or Chris Matthews or the sort of talk show hosts who invite someone on only to yell at them without even letting them talk is the behavior of a petty bully. Laura Ingraham accuses Sunsara Taylor of hating free speech and mocking and insulting speakers, even as she mocks and insults her and refuses to let her speak. Pot, kettle, black much?

It was really interesting watching Chris Matthews come apart on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart when he couldn’t control the flow of the conversation. There’s no victory in inviting someone on, paying them a 150 bucks and then yelling at them and threatening to end the segment if they try to say a word. It’s pathetic and using Pwn is about right because the people who behave this way are 14 year old boys.

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