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This is why an Apple Monopoly is a Bad Thing

Podcaster is making the rounds as the latest banned app outrage, banned because Podcaster quite openly competes with iTunes, competes of course by offering functionality that iTunes doesn’t. In case you’re wondering that’s Apple’s idea of competition and it makes Microsoft, which at least bothered to develop alternative programs rather than simply banning programs that competed with it, look good by comparison. Image if Apple had a computer monopoly and you can imagine a world where Firefox would have been banned for competing too well with Safari, never mind Chrome. Apple is an insatiable monopoly and it imposes control over hardware and software both. That, beyond all the other good reasons, is why I’ll never own a Macbook or an iPod or an iPhone or any other product Apple makes. As bad as Microsoft is, it isn’t an outright jail, Apple is. The Podcaster ban makes me hope once again that Apple fails in its quest to dominate the cell phone market and loses its grip on the player market too. Not until Apple learns some humility and some tolerance.

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