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The Crackdown

In the whole campaign to define piracy down, we’ve now hit an absurd new milestone with the arrest of some of the staff.

One of the world’s most-used pirate film websites has been closed after providing links to illegal versions of major Hollywood hits and TV shows. The first closure of a major UK-based pirate site was also accompanied by raids and an arrest, the anti-piracy group Federation Against Copyright Theft (Fact) said today. A 26-year-old man from Cheltenham was arrested on Thursday in connection with offences relating to the facilitation of copyright infringement on the internet,

At the beginning piracy meant illegal distribution. Now we have charges of facilitating copyright infringement being punished by actual arrests and jail time. This insanity facilitates a complete breakdown of any comprehensible legal codes. We have seen Bit Torrent sites being targeted for providing torrent links but TV Links was not providing links to a ‘product’ in the Torrent sense of the word, as a downloadable file that users could burn to a DVD. Instead it provided links to clips and episodes in flash format on websites like YouTube or DailyMotion, which raises the question, why arrest TV-Links and not the staff at YouTube? Probably because the latter have better lawyers.

The Guardian story describes TV Links as a pirate site and yet the charge is facilitating copyright infringement but can one seriously be charged not for uploading or aiding in the uploading of copyrighted content but linking to it for others to see?

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