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The Stupidity Begins

Tech websites are trumpeting the announcement that Obama’s radio addresses will be available on YouTube. Now I have a rule that any political announcement which includes the words MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube is probably obnoxious and unnecessary. This one joins the list, since the big news is that Obama will video tape himself giving his address or rather his flunkies will and put it up on YouTube. I’m guessing that would matter if it wasn’t already so inevitable. Both Presidential candidates had their own YouTube channels already and you can find every speech anyone running for office in 2008 has made on YouTube. Pardon me if I don’t really care or have no interest in listening to Obama drone on about hope and change week after week, while our economy stays in the toilet. I can only take so much phony optimism and I suspect the same goes for even die hard Obama supporters. The first Obama YouTube address will be heavily hyped, the second one won’t, by the 6th no one will be watching.

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