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The Social Account Singularity of Gaming

Or another reason to avoid creating an account to play a game you bought. After EABioware banned Arno, a user’s account for something he said and cut off his access to the games he bought. Obviously this is fallout from the way people have gotten used to doing things with XBox Live, but it’s completely unacceptable on a PC platform for single player games. And it shows how dangerous the integration that companies like EA have been pushing so hard.

A PC game should never be server dependent. It shouldn’t require constant approval from the company you bought it from. Anyone who paid 60 dollars for a game owns it. And the company who sold it to him has no right to disable it no matter what he says about them. This is a really bad precedent and makes complaints over normal DRM look petty.

Almost equally creepy, is EA’s terms of service calling the game an entitlement or a service. Not the product that you bought, but an entitlement or a service being provided to you. This is the gaming singularity swallowing up customer rights completely. And the only response is to crack the games you buy, keep them from accessing the internet and avoid creating accounts. No company should have this kind of power to steal what their customers buy from them. It’s reverse piracy.

And yes Bioware clearly has sold its soul to the EA console devil.

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