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The SLM Slams In

Well the AT&T SLM Samsung is coming and for those customers who want a cell phone that they can actually use instead of a cell phone that they can show off while they walk down the street, the SLM Samsung is a pretty good choice. Oh yeah and you can pay cash for one.

It’s not just that the Samsung A747 has connections to a bunch of music stores, including its heavily hyped Napster connection, but it supports a raft of features including Mobile Banking that may be less sexy than the iPhone, but actually are much more useful on a day to day basis. Price is still an issue with songs running to 1.99 and the list of music stores gives AT&T a hedge against both Verizon’s V-Cast and its uncomfortable relationship with Apple in a partnership that has quickly begun to go sour. The iPhone may still win the hearts of the Gizmodo crowd, but the reality is that the iPhone is in the end more of a toy than a functional product you use for the long haul.

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