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The Simple Life Finally Goes Away

It took the imprisonment of both of its stars but the Simple Life which had migrated from FOX, Home of the Worst Concepts in Reality TV to E! Home of Anything Remotely Celebrity Related is now done at last. It was a long grueling process that began when Paris Hilton was showed down our throats thanks to the conveniently timed release of her sex tape to the ridiculous Simple Life whose premise involved two obnoxious celebrity wannabes wandering around and making asses of themselves in small town America.

Now who knew that you could imprison reality TV stars to make a Reality TV series go away. Granted we jailed Richard Hatch but too late to stop Survivor. Then again Survivor self-destructed on its own. But not before dragging a large chunk of our attention span down with it. The Apprentice seems to be nearly done too. Maybe somebody can finally send Donald Trump to jail and put an end to that misery, the way jailing Martha Stewart helped kill the Apprentice spinoff. Reality TV has taken a battering and a lot of its stars have gone to prison. Frankly we would be far better off imprisoning the whole bloody lot of them and throwing away the key.

And maybe once we have moved on beyond jailing Reality TV stars, we can move on to jailing the casts of Yes Dear, According to Jim and pretty much every ABC and CBS sitcom involving fat loutish husbands with attractive wives and Charlie Sheen. Oh wait Charlie Sheen is probably in jail all over again.

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