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The Sarah Connor Chronicles Gnothi Seauton

Well with the Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot done, Gnothi Seauton comes along to prove that no Sarah Connor Chronicles can’t quite sustain the pilot’s momentum. Where the pilot was laser focused, Gnothi Seauton is an uneven mix wandering far and wide without any real point to a lot of it. Gnothi Seauton touches on some realistic issues as Sarah Connor tries to find new ID’s and copes with the world of 2007, a world where she’s dying, which is another notable attempt by Sarah Connor Chronicles to bring the series in line with the movies. Unfortunately half of it is driven by an idiot plot that involves John Connor doing stupid things to bring police attention to himself while the Summer Glau Terminator and Sarah Connor do stupid things to bring Skynet’s attention to themselves. There are some good moments, all invariably centering on Summer Glau’s eerily distant Terminator, but Gnothi Seauton is inescapably a weak episode in a series that needs better.

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