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The Sarah Connor Chronicles 1×08 Vick’s Chip

The Sarah Connor Chronicles s1e08 ushers in the first half of the season finale and hopefully not the series finale of the series. Entertainment Weekly is giving it grief for being little more than two back to back episodes, but that’s exactly what they are, two episodes that were shot and completed before the writer’s strike when FOX decided to bow the series out for the season in favor of crap like Canterbury’s Law (canceled in 3 episodes) or Unhitched (canceled in 8). That said Vick’s Chip is still a pretty intriguing episode.

Throughout its run The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been redefining the parameters of the Terminator universe and a large part of that has meant transforming the series universe’s time travel from an emergency tool to an extension of the war happening in the future. Vick’s Chip broadens that even further to show a Terminator 888 actually functioning as an enemy agent, living undercover with a woman and marrying her in order to take control of another predecessor system for Skynet, a traffic control system. This is particularly plausible in light of the end of the Cold War and the need to expand Skynet beyond a simple military system.

Cameron continues to play an enigmatic role, beginning with the revelation that she bogarted the chip and ending with her trusting John Connor enough to let him turn her off and hook her chip into the LA traffic control system and in between experimenting with seduction and quickly substituting a student for John, when Cromartie comes calling at the school. Cromartie meanwhile has become the show’s first real enemy Terminator whom you could take seriously in a league with the movie terminators.

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