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The Sarah Connor Chronicles 1×05 The Queen’s Gambit

Aside from making the dubious choice to revive Brian Austin Green’s career, The Queen’s Gambit is another strong episode from The Sarah Connor Chronicles that follows up its previous strongest episode, The Turk. The Queen’s Gambit though is less about the choices you make and more about how those choices spin out of control.

The Queen’s Gambit begins with Sarah Connor doing chin ups, a scene that’s repeated throughout the episode, along with a ridiculous takedown of Reese, that seems to be apologizing because Lena Headley isn’t up there with Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 Judgment Day in the muscles department. But on the larger scale The Queen’s Gambit is the closest that The Sarah Connor Chronicles comes to spinning out a canon based on 2-3 Terminator movies.

The Queen’s Gambit includes the chip removal that was a deleted scene in Terminator 2 Judgment Day as a way of disabling a Terminator and the arrival of Reese’s brother from the first Terminator movie. Sarah Connor is in many ways emotionally all over the place but that may be deliberate to allow John Connor to slowly emerge as the real leader, which he seems to be slowly and methodically doing. Summer Glau’s Cameron still wavers unnervingly between childishly open and yet possessed of a hidden agenda, which makes her the likeliest to have killed Andy and taken the Turk.

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