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The Sad Lot of On The Lot

After another week of sagging ratings, FOX has dropped its Monday edition of “On the Lot.” The series will now condense its competition and results shows into one weekly one-hour program, airing Tuesdays at 8:00/7:00c starting June 5.

No surprise there. On The Lot had as much appeal, as well Hell’s Kitchen. A doomed premise combined with Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg star power insured the show would overreach itself and play to an audience that just didn’t care.

See the problem is that filmmaking caters to a very different crowd than American Idol or So You Can Spaz. The sort of people interested in a career in film may not be geniuses or the creme de la creme but they’re also not frantic shrieking 13 year old girls who weep every time some moron begins to sing. It’s a different audience from the one FOX is used to with reality competitions and an audience least likely to sit around watching a remake of Project Greenlight without anything interesting to it.

Fox may have been thinking American Idol but what they got instead was Inside the Actors Studio for sheer entertainment value.

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