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The Robot Chicken Hype Continues

It’s no Thumb Wars but the Robot Chicken Star Wars episode is actually getting reviews in major papers. Frankly any parody presided over by George Lucas is never going to have the bite it needs to address the miserable disasters of the prequels and George Lucas’ role in them. A parody of Star Wars without really giving it to George Lucas is like a parody of the Bush Administration without really giving it to George W. Bush himself. The reality is that the worst things about Star Wars have come from George Lucas himself while the best things have often come from those around him. Can this also be said about Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek? Perhaps. You could definetly say it about him after the cancellation of the original Star Trek. Certainly it can’t be said about Joss Whedon and Buffy, which is significant in and of itself. Or JMS and Babylon 5. To really be a creator, you need more than hype, instead you actually have to deliver the product. George Lucas has instead delivered the corporate merchandising and further dumbed down the intellectual property he plagiarized and reshaped into Star Wars.

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