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The Return of Tom Hanks?

It feels like years since Tom Hanks has been in a movie and that’s not far wrong. The goofy sitcom actor who turned into a comedy star in the 80’s and a serious and a major movie star in the 90’s, had become the new Jimmy Stewart and the biggest star in America, after Forrest Gump, Apollo 13 and Saving Private Ryan. And then in the 2000’s, it all went away. Bad choices and goofy roles finishing up with The Terminal, which even Spielberg and Hanks combined couldn’t sell audiences on. Except for animated movies like Toy Story and Polar Express, Hanks popped up in Charlie Wilson’s War and took a paycheck for the Da Vinci Code and its prequel.

But Larry Crowne feels like an attempt at getting back to the old Hanks everyman part, before the 90’s even, to the 80’s. There’s a little too much of the Community feel to it. The community college crowd is rounded out by specific types. And Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks look like they have zero chemistry, Hanks is pushing the dork factor too much and Julia Roberts has never been able to tone it down on screen.

But what’s strange is looking at the trailer for Larry Crowne and Super-8 and seeing how 80’s they feel. Forget Take Me Home Tonight, this is the real nostalgia kick.

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