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The Return of The Pitts

Few people were big fans of The Pitts, even though it was a fairly entertaining show with an original premise, a regular cheerful American family that regularly finds itself haunted and hunted by some of the worse luck imagine, including a haunted car and werewolves. With a fairly good cast including Doug Henrie, the guy you probably recognize but can’t name, Kelly Waymire, who did a lot of projects and may be remembered from her time on Enterprise, and Lizzy Caplan, last of Cloverfield, New York.

FOX has a way of ordering and then disposing of great shows and while The Pitts probably wasn’t one of the great canceled series, it was still a pretty good show that deserved more than 5 episodes and a burial at sea just off the Australian coast. Still these days with everything in TV and Movieland being recycled 5 years after it goes off the air or the kids who watched it grow up and play major roles as development executives, everything old is new again. In the case of The Pitts, it’s just new again and old, as FOX ordered an animated version of The Pitts. I doubt it will involve any of the original cast, not that really matters since The Pitts really didn’t seem to have time to form a fanbase.

I wouldn’t count on The Pitts sticking around in cartoon form either, on paper you might think it’s the sort of show that would, but while it was offbeat in live action form, I don’t see a cartoon The Pitts holding a candle to the outright deranged antics of TV cartoon families on South Park or Family Guy. The live action version of The Pitts was too mired in conventional sitcom fare to really break out and the animated The Pitts is still likely to come into the room tugging its sitcom heritage after it.

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