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The Racists Cancelled George Lopez

TV just got a lot ‘whiter,’ says a canceled George Lopez. George Lopez, the first Latino to lead a television series successfully, isn’t laughing. “TV just became really, really white again,” he said.

ABC, he said, has “unceremoniously” canceled his self-titled comedy, which over the years chronicled his personal life from his sad childhood growing up with an abusive grandmother, to his alcoholism and kidney transplant.

Oh shut up. ABC also canceled The Drew Carey Show which chronicled Drew’s sad childhood, his transvestite brother, death, resurrection as his own nephew and kidnapping and abandonment in China. And unlike the George Lopez show– the Drew Carey show was actually funny.

The George Lopez show ran six seasons. That’s great for a sitcom, especially once that was repeatedly nearly canceled and never had much of an audience. If your only response is to whine and cry racism because after six years ABC canceled your low rated sitcom, then you’re a jackass who never deserved the work in the first place.

The George Lopez show didn’t make TV less whiter. It just made it suck more. Not that it will suck less with him gone, but no doubt ABC will find another race that can suck in his timeslot.

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