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The Profitable Celebrity Breakdown

You’ve got to give Charlie Sheen credit for one thing. The profitable celebrity breakdown, a monetized twitter account and selling tickets to a live show, Sheen is making money off his public breakdown. Sure he’d be making more money if he’d skipped the crazy stuff and was just cashing 2 million per episode paychecks. A lot more money. But still Charlie Sheen has become famous in a way that he never was before. A year ago he was another 80’s actor who had settled down to show up in a sitcom. He was Jim Belushi. Now he’s on everyone’s mind.

Reality TV monetized the celebrity breakdown with an addiction show and humiliation versions of Big Brother for washed up celebrities like The Surreal Life. But you usually had to wait to do one of those. Now a celebrity melting down can take the show on the road. Why make people tune in to see an ABC or CBS news magazine, when they can go see the real thing live. It’s ugly and has the geek quality to it, the original chicken biting geek, not the one who has Star Wars figurines over his bed, but it pays.

This could open the door to live tours of The Surreal Life, in which washed up celebrities get up on stage and rant about things. That’s not really new. In LA that’s a one man or one woman show. But it’s never gone this high profile before.

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