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The Office 5×10 Moroccan Christmas episode review

When the cast and producers of The Office complains about the fatigue and strain that comes from being asked to supersize and add episodes to fill out NBC’s otherwise dead air, you can really see the fatigue on screen in Moroccan Christmas. Moroccan Christmas is an episode that feels tired from the start, and not so much because it captures the ennui of being in an office, as because it’s a tired and listless production that reminds you of a dog trotting out the same weary performance at a dog show once again, no longer in the hopes of getting a biscuit or a pat on the head, but just to get the whole thing over with.

Beginning with Phyllis throwing a wacky Moroccan themed Christmas party, Moroccan Christmas is an episode stumbling around in searching of something funny, and never finding it. After a few minutes of trying to milk whatever humor could be found in Phyllis serving dishes with obscure names, Meredith dances around and sets her hair on fire. Naturally Michael digs up a joke from the 90’s and throws an intervention.

But Moroccan Christmas can’t even commit to the tired trope of Michael doing wacky routines at some sort of event he only knows about from television, instead the intervention dies out quickly, leading into an attempt to forcibly commit Meredith, the closest thing to funny the episode ever collides with, and ends uncomfortably as Phyllis spills Angela and Dwight’s affair out, leading to more uncomfortableness, and not much of anything else. When you watch Moroccan Christmas, you can’t help but see the point of the people who say that the American Office should have been as short as the UK Office. Because this is just tired.

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