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The Office 5×07 Business Trip episode review

The Office 5×07 Business Trip is another decent if not particularly exciting episode that nevertheless stays fairly true to The Office’s roots but becomes a little too mired in soap opera storylines. The Office S5E07 Business Trip isn’t particularly funny or really at all, it’s not even written as if it’s supposed to be funny, more offbeat and weighed down with way too many stories involving The Office gang cheating on each other.

This is kicked off with Kelly and Ryan awkwardly getting back together after a one minute stand in the closet while Andy continues to be clueless about what Dwight and Angela are doing despite a drunken bar phone call from The Huntsman by Andy to Angela demanding naked conversation, even as Dwight can be heard in the background. If this sounds more like a soap opera than a sitcom, well you have a point. Between Jim and Pam, Angela, Dwight and Andy’s triangle, Michael and Holly and now the return of Kelly and Ryan, we’re far too deep into soap opera territory than is healthy for a TV show that airs at night and is supposed to be a comedy, and not the Suddenly Susan or Samantha Who kind.

Business Trip does have its moments, particularly Michael’s breakdown on the phone to David Wallace and Jim and Pam’s parking lot reunion, but it’s an episode that’s short on funny and long on drama. Part of this is caused by turning the spotlight on Oscar, a painfully boring character, and turning it off Dwight, but mostly it’s caused by a focus on relationships, some of which pays off in Andy and Oscar’s interaction, but mostly plunks away into a deep and dark barrel.

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