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The Office 5×06 Customer Survey episode review

The Office 5×06 Customer Survey takes a plausible enough concept, a customer survey finding issues with some of the sales staff, and then doesn’t do very much with it. Some episodes of The Office feel positively overstuffed, and some like Customer Survey seem barely there. The Customer Survey of the title is conducted and scores Jim and Dwight fairly low, forcing them to sort of team up to expose the real story behind their low rankings.

There are a handful of funny moments in The Office 5×06 Customer Survey, but it really is a handful, and while the concept of Jim and Pam on the phone to each other using the bluetooths is mildly cute, it doesn’t really go anywhere either. Meanwhile the increasingly unpleasant story arc of Dwight, Angela and Andy’s triangle drags on as the wedding approaches, at which point we can assume the whole thing will finally implode, hopefully inspiring a violent nervous breakdown from Andy, who has become boringly milquetoast.

Besides Jim and Dwight’s training phone call and Pam’s chance to say, “That’s what she said”, The Office 5×06 Customer Survey is an episode with very little to offer. Attempts to generate suspense through Pam’s conflict over staying in New York is a failure, and the entire Pratt storyline got old and annoying weeks ago. Season 5 has done a good job of reconnecting with the spirit of the series’ early seasons, but it does need to actually begin going somewhere again.

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