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The Office 5×05 Crime Aid

The Office 5×05 Crime Aid continues The Office’s success at returning to its roots in the early seasons with an episode that keeps it simple by focusing on the small interactions of the show’s characters. The episode’s concept is simple enough and grounded in the kind of thing that is an entirely plausible event in an office as Michael and Holly developing relationship leads them to a liaison that leaves the office wide open for a robbery that picks up Oscar’s laptop and Kevin’s surge protector among other things.

The second half of the episode does however revert to type by having Michael come up with a wacky event inspired by his misunderstanding of pop culture to deal with the problem which in this case involves throwing a Crime AID auction based on tickets to Bruce Springsteen that don’t actually exist. Still The Office S05xE05 Crime Aid handles even this fairly well with only a few clumsy attempts by Michael to do an auctioneer routine, which unlike the more complicated routines we’ve been treated to is more true to life and to Michael’s talents, and provides a decent save with Bob buying a hug from Phyllis for a cool grand as he’s competitively bid up by Dwight and Andy, both of whom feel the chill from Angela.

While The Office 5×05 Crime Aid showcases Michael and Holly’s developing relationship, Angela, Andy and Dwight’s triangle and Jim and Pam’s deteriorating connection, both real and telecommunicationwise, they’re full of small quiet moments that ground them in reality unlike the more soap opera relationship centric episodes of the previous two seasons. Whether it’s Phyllis giving Dwight some relationship advice or Jim turning back on the highway or Michael and Holly planning for what they’ll do on their diet, The Office 5×05 Crime Aid is full of quiet rhythms that play a familiar song.

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