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The Office 5×03 Business Ethics

After the two part opener The Office gets back to business with its first regular Business Ethics. Overall the quality so far for Season 5 is a lot more even than the messy Season 4 and while The Office s5e03 Business Ethics is nothing special, it’s functional enough. For one thing while it keeps Michael’s antics under control and grounds them within a more realistic workplace scenario, instead of having him do something insane like setting up a carnival outside the Office or a race for an imaginary charity.

The Office 5×03 Business Ethics also brings back the Michael of Season 1 in other ways by focusing the episode on the whole family vs workplace dichotomy that is at the heart of Michael’s behavior or misbehavior, bringing him into conflict with Holly. It’s the Michael who’s lazy and careless but cares about his employees, if only because they’re extensions of his need for a family, and who has to function within a corporate environment. Holly is still annoying, but she’s a little more out of the Poochy mode mostly and a little closer to functioning like a normal human being.

Jim and Dwight are back to their usual antics throughout all this and Dwight’s retort to Andy is still the highlight of the episode, which once again puts Dwight back into the place where he belongs, ruthless and yet grounded. If this trend continues predicting that the shark jump at the end of Season 4 was the end of The Office might have been premature. The celebrity director blitz for The Office continues with Jeffrey Blitz of Rocket Science directing The Office 5×03 Business Ethics.

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