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The Office 4×06 The Finer Things Club in review

Well the Office turns out a pretty decent second half-hour episode with The Finer Things Club. The premise of the Finer Things Club itself is not particularly amusing, except for the way that the other co-workers play off it. It’s also not exactly plausible that the Office would have three people who could discuss an E.M. Forster novel intelligently, let alone even read him, particularly Pam who works as a receptionist and never even graduated college suddenly producing virtual essays on themes in a novel. Sorry but that one is pushing it.

It does however give Andy the chance to be funny again as he redirects his social aspirations to the silliest places, while Michael has a hysterical reaction to Toby in a bow tie and carrying tea cups. Overall though The Finer Things Club gives Stanley a chance to be funny by simply not being funny. Another insane idea by Michael is a little wearying at this point, but the mustaches and the walkie talkie do help redeem it. It’s cleverly played and there’s no question that Joss Whedon is great at handling comic timing. Overall a good episode.

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