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The Office 4×03 Launch Party episode review

The third of the three episodes aired so far this season, Launch Party isn’t nearly as bad as Greg Daniels’ disastrous Fun Run but isn’t quite as good as Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Part of the problem seems to be the editing. It wasn’t quite right back when The Office was doing half hour episodes but it’s become a real problem with the regular one hour episodes where sections critical to the plot development get cut while non-critical sections that aren’t even that funny get left it. So Launch Party doesn’t quite fire on all thrusters, some of the material, especially the Dwight and Angela and Andy stuff should be funny but never quite gets into focus. Michael meanwhile has become redundant yet again and the entire pizza boy material seemed more in the awkward and wince-worthy category than the hilarious. And as always the problem with Michael’s character, is that the Office writing staff can rarely tell the difference.

High points including Jim and Pam’s rooftop date, their second rooftop date for anyone keeping track, Dwight communicating with the website, “hot burning circle of garbage”, Michael telling off Ryan on the shout-out and Ryan’s self-promotion and the cube.

Low points include, pizza boy, Michael still in morose mode, Pam wimping out, Michael driving to New York twice and Kelly’s warehouse delivery

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