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The Office 4×012 The Deposition review

Pretty much everything you thought it would be and even less about sums up this episode, which seems to have taken Legal Lady’s blog right down to the That’s What She Said and turned it into an episode. Compared to Survivor Man from Paul Feig and Steve Carrell, The Deposition drags and has nowhere to really go. After Branch Wars and Survivor Man, The Deposition is so lost for a plot that it drags in an office ping pong game, an idea that seems like it was lifted from WKRP or NewsRadio, except it would have been funny there.

As it turns out the funniest parts of the Ping Pong game involving Creed turning it into Strip Pong were deleted anyway, just leaving us with an episode of slightly psychotic behavior from Pam and in which even Dwight’s obsession with Ping Pong doesn’t play well, mainly because the writer Lester Lewis seems to have forgotten that part of what makes Dwight funny is that aside from psychotic things and sales, he really isn’t good at much.

Meanwhile the deposition scenes themselves drag almost as much as is humanly possible. Aside from the “That’s What She Said” scenes it’s occasionally uncomfortable in that way which The Office occasionally tries to pass off as funny, but they lack even the spectacular discomfort of the best scenes of their kind. The Deposition simply needs to be thrown out.

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