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The News Just Keeps Getting Worse for Vista

Windows XP didn’t really get into gear until SP2 and it looks like Vista won’t be coming off the ground until Vista SP2 gets out the door. Even as SP1 for Vista was hastily rushed out, it turns out to be a case of much ado about nothing. Vista SP1 like Vista is a resource hog, slow and bogged down with performance gains of a mere 1 or 2 percent, in other words so negligible as not to matter. Microsoft has been taking a right beating over the slow adoption rate of Vista by both businesses and consumers. Somehow Microsoft thought it could simply keep repeating the Windows 95 trick when a lot of press conferences and hype would move the product, but while it worked for Halo 3, Windows Vista is still a no go both among businesses and home users.

DirectX 10 games might push some gamers into adopting Vista, but then again anyone who is ready to shell out enough money for a DX10 card in the first place, barring the say temptingly priced but useless Geforce 8400, is probably already on Vista anyway.

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