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The New X-Files Resurgence

While there is the obvious X-Files resurgence in the form of the “I Want to Believe” X-Files movie coming up, there’s also a more subtle resurgence on TV with a variety of FBI SciFi or Paranormal TV shows coming up. The one that has the most chatter of course is J.J. Abrams’ Fringe with Joshua Jackson, that has FBI agents investigating all sorts of weird science and mysteries.

Then there’s Eleventh Hour, the adaptation of a British TV series, to be adapted by Jerry Bruckheimer for American TV that has law enforcement agents investigating mysteries of science. Then we have Dean Devlin’s Blank Slate, a show about an experimental FBI program to implant the memories of the dead into the living. This of course intersects nicely with Joss Whedon’s own Dollhouse, a show that has law enforcement chasing after a group that uses blank dolls to do whatever is needed.

So why the big resurgence? Some of it may simply be Monkey See, Monkey Do. TNT sees that Fringe and Dollhouse are going forward and looks around at their pitches and decides to get into that business. The X-Files movie itself may have spurred some interest in revisiting the genre. TV networks may also be hoping that the culture is right for paranoid skepticism, which considering that Art Bell still has an audience and the Ron Paul demographic, proves they do exist.

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