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The Mummy Franchise Sucked Dry

Once upon a time in the great wasteland of the late 90’s when a lot of mediocre movies were being greenlit and Spielberg had taken the plunge into being a serious director and another Indiana Jones movie seemed as unlikely as cities on the moon, a movie called The Mummy was shot. It wasn’t a very good movie. It was actually pretty mediocre but since there was nothing better, like say Harrison Ford cracking his whip instead of Brendan Frasier sniveling and throwing cats, the Mummy was a success.

And then they made a sequel. And then they made a prequel spinning off the ‘then popular’ The Rock to his own movie prequel which mixed drabs of Conan with heavy flakes of B Movie magic, to produce something no one much cared about. And then they decided to begin filming another sequel, this time jettisoning Rachel Weitz, who now had an Oscar and unlike Brendan Frasier had enough shame to turn down a third outing. And of course appropriately enough they also apparently are greenlighting a second prequel.

Because one failed prequel just ain’t enough.

And because apparently they just haven’t spent enough time sucking the juices of the Mummy franchise dry until it’s well… completely mummified. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Oh what you did? Well sorry.

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