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The “Moonlight’ Shake-up Continue

With David Greenwalt out, supposedly for health reasons, Chip Johannessen replaces him. Fanboys who wanted Rob Thomas were disappointed but then again what exactly was the basis for using Rob Thomas as a replacement? Was this even a job that Rob Thomas actually even wanted or was it just the fevered dreams of fevered fanboys.

Yes no doubt Rob Thomas did a fantastic job with Veronica Mars but that’s pretty far afield from a Vampire series. Yes Rob Thomas has been often compared to Joss Whedon and Veronica Mars has been compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer but the point of comparison has been teenage angst and high school mystery solving, not the supernatural.

Send Rob Thomas to helm the new Nancy Drew movie (too late), sure. Send him to do an Angel showrunner’s job… not quite so sure. Besides Chip Johannessen has a background like Millenium, Surface, X-Files and Dark Angel. Granted his background also includes Beverly Hills 90210 but there’s enough good stuff there to round things out. Certainly more and better genre credits than Rob Thomas has.

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