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The Lot Gets Gory

What do you do when your overhyped reality TV show that tried to do for amateur filmmakers what American Idol did for talentless pop singer is sinking faster than the Titanic in a stiff breeze? You drag the dregs to bring in a guest judge whose very name at this point inspires revulsion, Eli Roth of course. It was hard to imagine that On The Lot could bring in a more noxious finger than Bret Ratner but once again they’ve managed to succeed with Eli Roth.

I’m not altogether sure what if anything, Eli Roth could bring to the table for aspiring filmmakers. I think lesson numero uno is splatter stuff with gore, pander to the worst, promote yourself relentlessly by forming ties with people in the business and never learn to actually direct. As mediocre as Kevin Smith is, completely wasted he could still direct better than Eli Roth.

If On the Lot could just somehow bring in Uwe Boll and team him up with Eli Roth and Bret Ratner, the result would be some of anti-talent group that could any worthless waste of life to become a successful director while not having the first clue about producing a good movie.

Basically On The Lot went from Steven Spielberg down to Eli Roth now. Uwe Boll or Paul Anderson would have to be the next step on the ladder down.

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