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The Line – The Online Web Series You Aren’t Watching

For everyone who’s groaned at the people who get in line to see a movie for a week ahead of its release, wearing full costumes and embarrassing us all, there’s The Line. Loosely aimed at somewhere between Star Trek and Star Wars with a fictional SciFi series called FutureSpace, it stars some solid talent and while it takes a while to get off the ground, the journey turns out to be fun. Don’t go into this expecting another Dr. Horrible’s Sing A Long blog, The Line is an affordable production taking place against the wall of a New York City movie theater, but the comic talent more than makes up for it.

As I said The Line picks up from episode to episode, really kicking into gear with Episode III with The Spoiler, all too real and believable. The series isn’t done yet but there are plenty of nice touches and character introductions, from the telepathic triplets to the spoiler to the master to the assistant manager who manages to steal the show. You sort of can’t help but get the sense that this is a bit of a giant waste of talent, but it’s still another demonstration that web series can hold their own without a fanatical following or musical numbers or a Darth Vader costume or fake reality TV.

Between a breakup, a custody visit, a mysterious moondagger, the five minute rule, the trivia contest, the shocking revelation about the ending of the Futurespace movie, the screener DVD and the big gulp, the protagonists of The Line’s episodes carry on the absurdity of fanboy life while making it seem almost fun, despite the social isolation and misery of the characters. With one episode left I guess we’ll find out if The Line still has a big finish left in it, as in the back of the line, the tension builds with 30 minutes left to the movie’s opening.

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