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The Limewire Security Hole

The arrest of Gregory Kopiloff marks the rather strange incursion of a Limewire criminal case that does not involve file sharing. Really of course file sharing programs that scan your hard drive are a giant security hole in place. Back when I was using Limewire, when browsing another user’s directory looking for some of the more exotic songs, I’d come across personal files. I had no use for them but they were out there.

The entire Libby Hoeller case began most likely when her boyfriend accidentally shared some files on his hard drive via Kazaa or Limewire I believe. It was only a matter of time until some wannabe hacker like Gregory Kopiloff decided that it was also a handy way to get some personal information without having the skills of a script kiddie even.

The problem primarily begins with people who are too stupid to use file sharing and can’t figure out

A. To set a single directory for sharing

B. Keep all personal files out of that directory

The real security hole with Limewire is the open ports of course.

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