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The Latest GTAIV Trailer is Here

Yahoo has put it in the movie section which isn’t much of a surprise because it’s basically a movie trailer or a collection of cut scenes, the character animation is decent but the practical question is who really cares. Any game can splice together some cut scenes and while maybe some of these are not technically cut scenes, they’re not the game either, they’re in game dialogue with NPC’s, which is much the same thing. The result looks like Rockstar’s attempt to make a mob movie, but how does it stack up as a game? The trailer doesn’t even begin to answer that question, aside from a few firefights and car chases, that doesn’t show up much. The plot meanwhile is pretty much the plot of every GTA game, you play the new hood in town looking to cut in the action and get your piece of the gangsta dream, you meet all sorts of wacky stereotypical characters, get betrayed, get double crossed, get your money stolen and get payback. Been there, done that.

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