The Last Colony by John Scalzi book review

The Last Colony by John Scalzi Like other Scalzi novels, The Last Colony is an idea for a book in search of a book. Scalzi comes up with acceptable worlds and plots, but lacks the ability to tell a story, to fill it with realized characters or make you care about anything on the page. Oddly his only living characters are aliens and they don’t show up nearly enough of the time.

The Last Colony is decent enough as a concept, the uber manipulative human Colonization Authority has decided to defy an alien federation that is taking control of galactic colonization with a hidden colony that will operate at a back to nature level to avoid showing up on their radar. That’s fine as far as it goes, but once the actual process of running the colony is exhausted, Scalzi has no characters to bring to the table, except the alien general whose vision is behind the Conclave.

The dialogue is bad, the characters are robotic and the only good thing about The Last Colony is that it’s short. Too short to really be able to complain about anything. There really isn’t anything new here, but when the shelves are full of non-books, The Last Colony actually looks decent enough because it passes for classical Science Fiction.

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