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The King of Thailand Rules YouTube

It’s no great surprise after Google’s Gulag experiment providing censored results to Chinese users but YouTube has reached a deal with Thailand to block all clips offensive to the King of Thailand and his coup regime.

This is of course a great achievement as centuries after the American revolution, American YouTube users can expect to be ruled by the dictates of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Aka King Stinky Feet, as to what they can and can’t see.

It’s unclear what YouTube thinks it’s doing after dismissing similar complaints from other countries. If YouTube will treat all commentary that some government considers offensive as blockworthy, then YouTube will quickly have all political speech vanish as fast as it can go up. 90 percent of the world regulates and limits free speech. YouTube has just waved the white flag in the face of all the tyrants, kings and prime ministers out there who now cannot be criticized or insulted on YouTube.

Thanks again Sergey Brin for proving once again that, yes you are evil.

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