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The Jericho Nuttiness Continues

In our previous article, we mentioned a campaign to deluge CBS with nuts. When we posted that article Monday, the total amount of nuts being sent to CBS was around 2,100 pounds. Now, three days later, the total amount of CBS-bound nuts has climbed to over 13,300 pounds.

Well I’m sure CBS is convinced now– now that they’ve been deluged with tons of nuts. Seriously what is this supposed to accomplish exactly? Do you think CBS executives are going to keep the nuts in a Scrooge McDuck type vault and swim around in them? It’s stupid because all you’re doing is irritating the executives and giving them a handy way to call you– well, nuts.

Concerned that a torrent of nuts may not be enough in itself , JERICHO fans are now targeting several new campaigns, including THIS EFFORT to place a full page ad in Variety. They’ve successfully raised the (approx) $6,900 to required to place this ad. In fact, they overshot their goal by several thousand dollars.

It’s been done. By nearly every fanbase of a series facing cancellation. It’s not impressive anymore. Enterprise did this. Farscape did this. Zip, zip and zero.

Rumors are now afoot that fans will channel their passion towards a boycott of products/services/etc. currently advertising on CBS.

Can’t imagine how that won’t work. Renew our show or we’ll boycott your advertisers. That’s the kind of attitude sure to freak out executives who want good advertiser relations and don’t remotely want anything to do with a viewership that is going to use threats like that.

On a personal note, I’ve been doing this kind of web stuff for over ten years now. I’ve worked for other large entertainment sites, and have been deeply involved with fan communities on many levels over many occasions. And, never…never…have I encountered such a well organized, passionate, courteous fan base as I’ve found in JERICHO gang.

Can you say load o’crap? I mean I’ve never seen anything like this since Firefly, Farscape, Enterprise, Earth 2, Nowhere Man, Veronica Mars, Roswell, Carnivale, Buffy, Angel, etc… It’s all been done over and over again and often by the same people too.

In the words of Mr. Handy of The Tick; READ A BOOK!

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