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The Irreparable Injury of House of Wax

The MPAA just filed a lawsuit alleging that a resident of Rome made illegal copies of, and also uploaded – three movies to the internet. According to the report, no address was given for Mr James Wilson – the man accused by the MPAA of ‘willful and intentional’ copyright infringement. According to them, he made unauthorized copies of just three movies – ‘Hide and Seek’, ‘House of Wax’ and ‘Robots’ and uploaded them to the internet.

Noting that there was no financial motivation to the infringement it continues: “Defendant’s infringements allow Defendant and others to unlawfully obtain and distribute for free unauthorized copyright works that the plaintiffs spend millions of dollars to create and/or distribute. Defendant’s conduct is causing, and unless enjoined and restrained by this Court will continue to cause, the Plaintiffs great and irreparable injury that cannot be compensated or measured in money”

Ah frankly folks, House of Wax? Robots? Hide and Seek (I don’t even know that one.) I’m guessing the great and irreparable injury being carried out by Mr. James Wilson of Rome is that he reminded Hollywood of the kind of awful crap they can’t seem to restrain themselves from churning out on a regular basis.

I think Mr. James Wilson also has a pretty straightforward plea of insanity. I mean if you’re going to pirate movies, than why in the name of Roger Rabbit’s ears would you pirate House of Wax, unless it’s as a joke. With a library of the cinematic achievements of Western civilization at your disposal, why Robots? I mean if you just threw a frisbee in the general direction of anything Alex Proyas has done, you have great odds of coming up with something, anything better than Robots. Robots actually brought more shame to Isaac Asimov than his son’s pedophilia. It brought more shame to Sony than the unrestrained budget of Spider-Man 3.

I mean the man actually went out and pirated a movie featuring Paris Hilton. With clothes on. What in the world, if anything, was he thinking? And really what is the MPAA upset about? Losing out on all those sales of Robots and House of Wax DVD’s? Newsflash. Anyone stupid enough to buy House of Wax or Robots on DVD has already done it. I don’t think even they’re going to pay good money for Blu Ray or HD-DVD editions of Robots or House of Wax. That gravy train or gravy boat or gravy spoon or gravy thimble is over. I mean going after people pirating Star Wars III or Spider-Man 3 makes sense. Those movies continue to have value. House of Wax or Robots have only symbolic value.

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