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The Ipod Touch Bugs

Well it wouldn’t be a highly ambitious and hyped Apple product without a whole bunch of bugs. The Apple iPod Touch, Apple’s answer to the PSP in some ways, now has users crowding around to report that videos with dark scenes in them reverse colors and that if you expect to browse the web on your ipod’s safari browser while playing music on your ipod, you’re deeply out of luck. The iPod touch will do one or the other but if you do both or if you load too many pages, your iPod will go Crashy Crashy.

It’s no real surprise since Apple products tend to be big on features but poor on catching the bugs that go with them. Apple like Microsoft is in the end more of a software company trying to be a hardware company these days and the tech it buys and tries to design often doesn’t measure up to what it wants to accomplish. Microsoft’s XBox 360 did not account for cooling issues. Neither did the iPhone apparently. And with the iPod touch, Apple unveiled a product that is essentially a mobile computing platform that spits in the eye of Microsoft and Sony, but undoubtedly has its own straining point, which is apparently three webpages.

Not good news for Apple or for Apple loyalists but not surprising news either. Too many features combined with too little testing in too short product and design cycles have inevitable results, namely that versions of products are released that are not quite ready for prime time.

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