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The I Am Rich App is Gone

Apple has booted the I Am Rich app, the second high profile booting of an app in a short period of time since the whole tethering controversy raised the issue of whether Apple was protecting AT&T’s iPhone revenue stream. In this case though booting the I Am Rich app has fewer explanations attached to it. Did Apple boot the I Am Rich app because of complaints that people had bought it by accident, and really what sort of idiot would buy something like that on purpose? The answer of course is the same sort of idiot that would stand online and pay thousands of dollars for an iPhone in the first place. The I Am Rich app was nothing more than a high profile satirical piece of social criticism, intentional or unintentional, aimed at iPhone buyers, and once it began getting publicity, one of the geniuses at Apple realized that it was shedding a particular negative light on its iPhone customers. The I Am Rich app isn’t that much more ridiculous than the iPhone, but it is redundant because the entire iPhone is itself one big flashing I Am Rich app. Apple knows that and it knows that exposing the consumerism and social climbing habits of its customers would turn it into the next example of greed and waste and so the I Am Rich app had to go.

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