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The Hand on the Helisophere

The discovery made by Voyager 2 about the heliosphere no doubt has already peaked the curiosity of dozens of Science Fiction writers eagerly spawning their own fictional story based theories for the whole thing. The so called hand on the heliosphere already dovetails nicely with so many of the ongoing themes in recent Science Fiction about the expansion of the universe, black holes and supernovas and the occasional stray singularity. Fred Pohl alone should be able to make some interesting things out of it, not that he’s writing much anymore. This is the sort of thing it would be fun to see Robert Forward or Larry Niven kick around, though these days it’s likely to be the younger guns, which is a shame too. But then again the visual image of a hand on the heliosphere is already a striking enough Science Fiction metaphor, that you barely need much more than that, one so good that it’s hard to imagine any novel or short story exceeding it. But one appeal is that unlike the planetary developments on Mercury or Mars, a novel or story that explores the hand on the heliosphere won’t have to worry too much about newer findings upsetting the applecart.

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