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The Future of the Post Office – Part II

On entering a post office, you can’t help but sense that there’s a futility to the whole thing. The Post Office which was fairly recently an inescapable fact of life more and more looks like some sort of obscure dinosaur, sticking around and bellowing uncertainly at the sky even though it knows its fate is doomed.

On seeing the modern post office, you can’t help but wonder if this is meant to be a post office or Six Flags Great Adventures for all the merchandising you see everywhere. Collectible stamps had long been a form of revenue but the post office had never quite tricked itself out so openly to promote Star Wars complete with R2-D2 themed mailboxes and there’s the bags with Disney characters on them, glow pens aned all sortsa junk.

Aside from raising rates constantly and gimmicks like the Freedom Stamp, which the post office wouldn’t issue unless it reasonably expected severe drops in stamp purchases by the time the next rate hike hits, the entire system is increasingly trying to market to customers online. All this is a weak attempt to try and compensate for the irrelevance of the modern day version of the Pony Express.

What’s the future of the post office? Well it really doesn’t have one. Aside from packages, there’s nothing that really needs to be sent along physically. And UPS is better at package delivery than the post office is anyway. Move the postcards over into e-cards and send emails instead of letters and ye olde poste office is ye donne.

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