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The Funeral of the Post Office

Between Sachs Fifth Avenue’s shoe department getting its own zip code and the United States Post Office turning itself into the Star Wars Promotional Department complete with Star Wars mail boxes– you have to wonder if this corporate overrun of the government isn’t going just a little bit too far?

It’s bad enough that the post office has now traveled into a distant galaxy far far away and so has my mail– but now we’re doing zip codes as publicity stunts? I bet the mailmen who have to work on fifth avenue will love it as the one zip code they deal with suddenly becomes 200. And we’ll all love it as zip codes get snapped up as promotional tools by corporations and we’ll need to begin adding on even more digits to accommodate them all.

Now granted that aside from delivering some packages (where you don’t much care if they get lost or not or if they come disassembled in parts) and junk mail, the post office is now borderline useless and it knows it. The Forever stamp is the post office essentially realizing that they’ll have far less customers in 5 years than they do now and they might as well try to get customers today to invest in the stamps… no one will be using anyway. But wouldn’t it just be more cost-effective to privatize the behemoth and use the proceeds to fund some grown up version of a 100 dollar laptop per child– minus John Negroponte?

The Post Office started out delivering mail three times a day and carrying mail overland by stagecoach. We’ve come a long way since then in our communications. Letters have a limited necessity and are increasingly a matter of nostalgia and wanting hard copies of things. The Post Office is on its way out, let’s give it a better send off that doesn’t involve prostituting a noble legacy to peddle George Lucas’ creations.

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