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The Exterminators becoming a Showtime series

It’s probably not that far off since The Exterminators began as a TV series patch that accidentally got turned into a comic book. Of course I have trouble imagining it going backward into TV, its mix of gross out imagery, left wing conspiracy theories and random characters fits perfectly into the Vertigo line, but would need a whole lot of retooling even for Showtime. The Exterminators has always been a certain kind of fun, but in a very limited way. Like Y The Last Man, once you’ve read through a dozen issues or so, you realize that there’s really nothing more to it, and the afterlife scenes really jumped the shark big time.

I’m sure we could all swallow the usual evil megacorporation of the military industrial complex (cue Haliburton theme) and the idea of the bugs literally rising up to overrun human civilizations was well executed from the grunt level perspective of Henry James in The Exterminators. But I wasn’t crazy about the whiff of homophobia in the Karen Ocran scenes or the AJ afterlife scenes for that matter, where gay characters seem to be evil exploitative sexual predators and the Egyptian afterlife itself was silly and destroys the grounding gained from the grunt level bug extermination.

Basically the first few issues of The Exterminators were as good as it got and everything since then has been repetitive, boring or shark jumping moments. A straightforward clash of species between man and insect would have been a good deal better than this whole bug deity nonsense or afterlife reincarnation. Still Showtime is the one place that The Exterminators would potentially fit, though considering the heavy female audience for a lot of Showtime’s shows, I’m not too sure that same audience will exactly get with masses of bugs every episode, ripped open raccoons and corpses.

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